About Bonnet Névé: A brand specialized in Commercial Refrigeration

Modernity, innovative content and appealing ideas for merchandising represent Bonnet Névé's values of excellence in the field of commercial refrigeration.

A historical brand of the EPTA multinational group, Bonnet Névé is a leader in the supply of refrigerated showcases and cabinets for the serve-over and self-service sale of fresh and frozen foodstuffs.

Bonnet Névé's product range includes:

The visual merchandising and design in a Bonnet Névé store is also conveyed by Epta Concept. The Epta Concept Department develops innovational and customised solutions that help clients to develop their ideas and then turn them into reality in the field of commercial refrigeration.

For all systems, Bonnet Névé offers an after sales and spare parts service ensuring expertise and fast action: from turnkey systems to after-sales support – through a dedicated call centre – to retrofitting already installed equipment.