The commercial and industrial refrigeration Company Bonnet Névé certified by Eurovent

To prove that the objectives, the shared values ​​and the quality standards are effectively pursued, Bonnet Névé adheres to the European voluntary Eurovent program for the certification of the energy performance of refrigerated showcases and cabinets.


Eurovent independently certifies equipment performance in terms of air treatment, air conditioning and refrigeration, based on shared European and international standards.


The goal of voluntary Eurovent certification is to strengthen client confidence through a common and independent platform for all manufacturers, which may help increase the integrity and accuracy of industrial appraisal.


For a consistent classification, the Energy consumption of refrigerated cabinets must be checked against a reference value based on usual market consumption data. In the resulting scale, a cabinet with a D energy class corresponds to the market average.


A wide range of Bonnet Névé products reach classe A: this is the case forProxima Modular, the self-service multideck with an energy consumption at least 45% lower than the market average.


The results obtained, which can be viewed on the Eurovent website, represent Bonnet Névé's seal of quality. The company offers excellent-quality certified equipment for commercial refrigeration, products that are ready to satisfy the expectations of a dynamic clientele.