The family of Bonnet Névé serve-overs is expanded with the introduction of Maxima Evolution Modular Range


Maxima Evolution Modular is the range based on the Design aesthetics that promotes creativity in terms of design, display solutions and personalisation to emphasise and strengthen the image of retail stores.   

The Maxima Evolution Modular range offers various opportunities in terms of merchandising and aesthetic versatility. Some important news are:

  1. A new superstructure with glass WO (window opening) doors, which makes loading and cleaning operations on the cabinet even easier. 

  2. Even the Maxima ModularSemi-vertical - Design aesthetics - is extended with a new display opportunity with a step fit-out that is available in stainless steel or sheet metal in the various Epta colour palette options. This offering represents an alternative to the classic shelf fit-out and was designed for the presentation and sale of pre-packaged cheeses and cold cuts.

  3. The new “Maxima Evolution Modular Finishing Collection” of Bonnet Névé materials offers significant versatility thanks to the possibility to personalise the cabinet’s Design aesthetics, using “natural” finishes, like wood and stone for the panels and ends. The cabinet will therefore become an integral part of every retail store and will contribute to its uniqueness.