LED lamps to improve merchandising and reduce costs

The lighting of a refrigerated showcase or cabinet is a crucial aspect when it comes to excellent sales performance. Thanks to the proper choice of partners and to the selection of the best technological solutions - like LEDs – EPTA makes the most of lighting, transforming it into business opportunities for clients and into great savings. The life of an LED exceeds 50,000 equivalent hours, i.e. ten years: values that are well above the average life of a fluorescent tube (two years). This guarantees further savings in maintenance costs and on the purchase of lamps.


Improved light directionality, perfect light stability, the absence of interference and excellent performance at low temperatures add up to an enhanced level of luminance on the product. Because of the high degree of specialisation reached in this field, EPTA service can quickly complete the retrofitting job without the need to empty the equipment or to close the store.