Multiwine Plus Bonnet Névé to improve wine presentation

The range of Bonnet Névé integrated group cabinets expands with the introduction of the new Multiwine Plus, the exclusive vertical cabinet designed to present the selection of white and red wines. In perfect harmony with the family feeling of the other solutions in the range, the vertical MultiFresh Plus and the semi-vertical MultiFresco Plus for fresh packaged products and the vertical MultiFreeze Plus for frozen products,. Multiwine Plus merges flexibility, compact design, performance and respect for the environment with a strong aesthetic value. Thanks to the large display capacity with minimum floor space, Multiwine Plus, available in the two, three or four door versions, is particularly suited to small shops, such as convenience stores, mini markets and local shops, or restaurant dining areas.

The details make the difference: with a design that is attentive to the needs of wine lovers, Multiwine Plus ensures the best display of the bottles, stored at ideal temperatures, between 6° and 12° for white wines and between 14° and 18°C for red wines. The high-quality products are positioned on special tilted shelves at 7°, 14° or 21°, to improve visibility of the labels, and for a more rational organization, they can be placed on modules or semi-modules, up to a maximum of 7 decks in height. Multiwine Plus features LED lighting; horizontal canopy lighting and  top and vertical lighting on the doorframes, for an even distribution of white light (3,000K), which eliminates the shaded areas, enhances the liveliness of the colours and puts the emphasis on the products, without affecting the organoleptic characteristics.

Further technical and aesthetic features contribute to making Multiwine Plus a furnishing accessory increasing the appeal of the wines. These include the all-glass doors and the external and internal finishes in stainless steel which give the integrated group cabinet a modern look, creating a play of contrasts with the natural warmth of the wood chosen for the product stops.

The design goes hand in hand with respect for the environment, due to the choice of natural refrigerant R290, which presents a minimum GWP and high efficiency fans.

Finally, Multiwine Plus guarantees perfect product safety, thanks to the sturdy key closure system at the bottom of the cabinet.