The latest installations by Bonnet Névé



An historic German Retail Chain with a modern and elegant spirit, has found in Bonnet Névé's solutions the ideal equipment to furnish its sixth point of sale in the Rostock area, Northern Germany: a true store of the future, with a positive and stimulating shopping experience.

Covering a 1200 m2 area, this innovational store was furnished with Proxima and Viseo ECO4 cabinets, positive-temperature multidecks fitted with double-glass doors created to provide high thermal insulation and low energy consumption. Also, the light structure of these cabinets ensures an excellent display ratio and a streamlined and minimalist design. To guarantee easy product access for the consumer, the supermarket chose Cosmos 3 ECO cabinets with integrated covers, revised merchandising and new opening system. Maximum vision through the 1250 mm sliding modules which reduce the number of vertical profiles and flat glass which adds an extremely modern appearance to the display.

Lastly, modern LED-lighting is used to enhance the product display and encourage purchase, accelerating product rotation and increasing profitability.