The latest installations by Bonnet Névé



​“We opted for Epta Deutschland because of its expertise in furnishing top-flight stores, as well as the unique design and outstanding performance of the solutions the brand produces. We particularly like the Bistrot counter and the Torre and Rondelle modules designed specifically by the Eurocryor brand, which showcase the freshness of our meats and the selection of fine international cheeses. These solutions really make the difference and attract the customer’s attention to the products on display, encouraging purchases,” comments Sven Stiegler, owner of Edeka in Frankenthal. Opened in 2015, the store keeps growing: last year turnover was up +30% on the previous business year, and a further expansion of the sales area totalling around 700 m2 is in the pipeline.

The store features refined furnishings, a vast range of around 20,000 products and a convivial atmosphere. The assisted service departments stand out: they are the perfect example of the art of customisation which Epta Deutschland offers. Combinations of sophisticated colours and materials underscore the quality of the dairy produce, meats and deli meats available inside the Eurocryor cabinets. The elegant front panels in light wood of the traditional Bistrot cabinets alternate with the fully-glazed Torre cabinet, the transparent surfaces of which are surprising. Room has also been made for the exclusive Rondelle sections in steel: this ingenious solution with a rotating top has been designed to promote cross-selling of snacks and sauces, to be served as an accompaniment to cheeses.

The stars of the self-service area are the Bonnet Névé SkyView and Proxima positive vertical cabinets. The SkyView is a special corner version: highly simplified forms and flawless illumination guarantee a high-impact yet neat effect, heightening appeal and the bright colours of the cans and bottles on display.

A further strong point of the store is its entrance, dominated by a Proxima cabinet which welcomes customers with the ingredients for a quick meal such as cold pasta dishes, salads, grilled cheese and the new vegan range. The 5-metre cabinet has been designed with the modern consumer in mind; those in search of satisfying meals but with little time to dedicate to shopping and cooking.

The installation is rounded off with a transcritical CO2 unit with heat recovery, guaranteeing the Frankenthal Edeka heating and hot water 365 days a year, as well as the remote monitoring service provided by EptaService to guarantee that consumption rates are optimised to best effect.