The latest news from Bonnet Névé

Maximum flexibility, for high product turnover: Bonnet Névé presents Cosmos ECO Reverse, the new double well island with positive and negative temperature. Promoting a renewed display flexibility, this cabinet is designed to respond to every Retailer’s need and guarantee greater freedom in fitting out the sales floor.

Bonnet Névé integrates Bowl EVO into its range of vertical plug-ins. Available in two versions, Bowl EVO LT is dedicated to the storage and perfect presentation of ice cream and frozen food and Bowl EVO MT is ideal for beverages and fresh products.

The key factors underpinning the new upsurge in proximity stores include their dual purpose of practical usefulness and social function. Increasingly sophisticated shops able to guarantee fast shopping, are responding to changes in the lifestyles of large urban centres.

La flexibilité d’un meuble à groupe logé s’allie à l’esthétique et aux performances techniques des solutions à distance : Le nouveau SkyLight Integral de Bonnet Névé est un système « plug and play » unique, qui enrichit l’offre Bonnet Névé de la SkyEffect Family d’un meuble pour surgelés complètement intégré et facile à installer, idéal pour les supermarchés de petites et moyennes dimensions.

The Costan, Bonnet Névé, Eurocryor and Iarp APPs are changing face from January 2019, with a new release for smartphones and tablets. The Epta Group brands will always be just a click away, to enable users to stay constantly updated on the latest product innovations and discover the upcoming events, anytime and anywhere.


The range of Bonnet Névé plug-in cabinets expands with the introduction of the new Multiwine Plus, the exclusive vertical cabinet designed to present the selection of white and red wines. In perfect harmony with the family feeling of the other solutions in the range, the vertical MultiFresh Plus and the semi-vertical MultiFresco Plus for fresh packaged products and the vertical MultiFreeze Plus for frozen products,.