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Epta France helps shape the natural and authentic soul of the Carrefour Market in Ur


A hypermarket immersed in nature, with a breathtaking view of the Pyrenees massif: the Carrefour Market in Ur is a newly designed store where it has been possible to merge “frais, autentique et beau" thanks to the contribution of the Epta France team.

The large windows and the choice of materials, such as wood for the structure of the building, columns and cabinet finishes, help shape a warm and welcoming ambience, where customers can do their shopping contemplating the surrounding mountains. Furthermore, to celebrate the uniqueness of Cerdanya, also through the enhancement of local specialties and high quality products, the offer is divided into islands designed by the team of EptaConcept experts that took care of the entire zone marché. The result is an area where the commercial and social space reflects the double natural and authentic values of the Carrefour Market of Ur through colours, materials and details.

At the heart of the fresh products stands out the island dedicated to the presentation of cheese, cured meats and delicatessen. It is composed of the Eurocryor serve-over cabinets Visualis, the semivertical glazed Visualis Prisme, the Impact cabinets that merge a self-service section with a serve-over section, and completed by non-refrigerated corners to encourage cross-merchandising of complementary seasonal products. A picturesque area, which has satisfied the Retailer's requests in full. The elements that have most amazed the customer include the front in polished stainless steel, for a mirror effect that creates the illusion of transparency and evocative plays of light, mixing classic and modern taste.

A key factor in designing Visualis, whose design and model are registered, is the sliding glazed door of the internal section of the cabinet. This technical detail has numerous advantages including excellent preservation of products, 30% increase in load depth, and energy saving which puts Visualis among the best serve-over cabinets in the scope of the new Energy Labelling regulation. Furthermore, the chilled cabinet offers the best possible ergonomics for operators thanks to a rational and flexible use of workspace.

Great attention has also been dedicated to displaying products with self-service solutions of the SkyEffect Bonnet Névé family. A strategy implemented in the fresh product area merging the SkyView Plus vertical cabinets with the semivertical SkySpace. The SkyView host a vast selection of products dedicated to the composition of a healthy and fast meal, from the ready-to-eat first courses, to salads, sandwiches and smoothies, enhanced by the accent lighting of the Advance LEDS. The SkySpace combined with the Dualio are ideal for the presentation of deli products and packaged sausages. Compact and versatile, SkySpace are laid out in small islands formed by back-to-back closed modules with straight hinged doors and by open end of island cabinets, to further encourage impulse buying of premium products or offers.

Finally, for a coordinated set up of great visual impact also in the frozen area, the vertical SkyLight are put alongside the special semivertical SkyShine, particularly appreciated by the Customer in virtue of their glass doors. The horizontal cabinet Cosmos Eco4 completes the department, helping to impart dynamism to the layout and rhythm to the space, ensuring the best presentation of each category of products, each displayed within the most suitable refrigeration solution.​​

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