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Di Lernia entrusts itself to the expertise of Epta for the opening of the third family deli  with the goal of combining modern style and the charm of an ancient grocery store. A space which, starting from the traditional concept of specialised shop, transforms into a full-fledged place of conviviality, in which quality and genuine products come first.


Food stories since 1932

It was 1932 when grandad Pietro decided to start a small business in the historical centre of Trani, Puglia. The store has welcomed the inhabitants of the town for almost a century thanks to the dedication and determination of Mr D. Lernia.

From the Sixties to the arrival of the new millennium, the store has been able to continuously reinvent itself and the grandson now continues the story. A second deli-gastronomy store is born, where customers can ask staff for advice on the best products or sit at the table and enjoy the specialties of the day and the platters, paired with a good glass of wine.


A warm and cosy environment

Customers are welcomed by a warm and cosy environment, and their glance is immediately captured by Bistrot, the Eurocryor refrigerated cabinet, brand of Gruppo Epta, made to measure to express the visual identity of the shop. A cabinet characterised by clean lines and total transparency thanks to the extra-clear glass, suggested to give continuity to the gastronomic display, ensuring at the same time the best preservation and visibility of the products.


Another advantage of the cabinet is the superstructure, which allows Di Lernia to widen its range with a complementary section of products to match with high quality cured meats and local cheeses. The furnishing is completed by a vertical positive temperature SkyView Plus of Bonnet Neve, placed in front of Bistrot and dedicated to the presentation of prepackaged foods, in harmony with the look of the store.


A full-fledged space of flavour and a reference point for lovers of good food, in which to enjoy a unique culinary experience with highest quality, fresh and genuine products. Epta combines technology, flavours and designs, to give life to the perfect recipe for a successful business.

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