Bonnet Névé: a history in the Commercial Refrigeration

Bonnet Névé, was born from the merger of two historical French commercial refrigeration brands: Bonnet and Névé.

Bonnet was established in 1830 as a manufacturer of professional catering equipment in the area of Lyon, on Nicolas Bonnet's initiative. In 1930 Bonnet arrived in the food retail refrigeration equipment sector. In 1985, the new Hendaye factory was opened, with a total area of 44.000 m2, and Bonnet Réfrigération was born.

Névé appeared in 1932: in 1962 it associated with Satam and became Satam Névé. In 1978 it joined the Thompson Group.

In 1988, Bonnet Réfrigération and Satam Névé merged in the soon-to-be EPTA group and became Bonnet Névé, today a leading brand in the design and production of refrigerated showcases and counters, cooling packs and systems for the mass retailer sector.

Over the past 20 years, Bonnet Névé proved to be a pioneer, winning numerous challenges that involved visual merchandising and new technologies in commercial refrigeration.

Passion stirs the professionals at Bonnet Névé in their pursuit of customised, always innovative refrigeration solutions, to respond to the requirements of partners and consumers. This was the key to the development – in the last few years – of refrigerated showcases and cabinets with an extremely successful design, able to maximise profitability through optimised product presentation.

Bonnet Névé's spirit is also the bearer of technological innovation applied to the quest of energy efficiency and sustainability; it is the spirit of a responsive and personalised customer service.