About us

A brand specialized in commercial refrigeration

Modernity, innovative content and appealing ideas for merchandising represent Bonnet Névé's values of excellence in the field of commercial refrigeration.

A historical brand of the EPTA multinational group, Bonnet Névé is a leader in the supply of refrigerated showcases and cabinets for the serve-over and self-service sale of fresh and frozen foodstuffs.

The range of commercial refrigeration products by Bonnet Névé includes: traditional refrigerated cabinets and counters for fresh, loose and packaged products; positive temperature vertical and semi-vertical refrigerated cabinets for fresh packaged products; negative temperature vertical and horizontal refrigerated cabinets to store frozen products; plug-in refrigerated cabinets for retail and Integral cabinets for specialist stores.

This range is joined by the catalogue of the Group's brands and the services namely EptaService, EptaConcept and EptaFinancialServices.


A history in the commercial refrigeration


Bonnet was established in 1830 as a manufacturer of professional catering equipment in the area of Lyon, on Nicolas Bonnet's initiative. In 1930 Bonnet arrived in the food retail refrigeration equipment sector. In 1985, the new Hendaye factory was opened, with a total area of 44.000 m2, and Bonnet Réfrigération was born.


Névé appeared in 1932: in 1962 it associated with Satam and became Satam Névé. In 1978 it joined the Thompson Group.


In 1988, Bonnet Réfrigération and Satam Névé merged in the soon-to-be EPTA group and became Bonnet Névé, today a leading brand in the design and production of refrigerated showcases and counters, cooling packs and systems for the mass retailer sector.


Over the past 20 years, Bonnet Névé proved to be a pioneer, winning numerous challenges that involved visual merchandising and new technologies in commercial refrigeration.

Passion stirs the professionals at Bonnet Névé in their pursuit of customised, always innovative refrigeration solutions, to respond to the requirements of partners and consumers. This was the key to the development – in the last few years – of refrigerated showcases and cabinets with an extremely successful design, able to maximise profitability through optimised product presentation.


The excellence of Bonnet Névé products is recognised by several awards, including Janus de l’Industrie awarded to products that stand out for innovative aesthetics and real benefits for the end user and attributed to the following products RevUP Family (2014) Impact (2015)#EPTABricks (2016) and the German Design Award 2016, awarded by the German Design Council to the RevUP Family in Bonnet Névé for their sophisticated design and excellent performance


The spirit of Bonnet Névé is also the bearer of a technological innovation oriented towards energy efficiency and respect for the environment; it is also the spirit of responsive and personalized customer service.

A new goal for us

The German Design Council again rewards Bonnet Névé products: the Mozaik range, thanks to the innovations represented by the traditional Shape showcase, receives the German Design Award 2020

Certifications for qualified and skilled refrigeration systems

Bonnet Névé's activity conforms to the guidelines established by the Group in its Integrated Management Systems. The aim of these is to align all procedures in order to rigorously pursue excellence in quality while fully respecting the environment and the community. In this respect, Bonnet Névé fully meets the standards for designing, manufacturing, installing, servicing, maintaining temperature-controlled display cabinets and associated systems, in compliance with Total Quality criteria that are shared and acknowledged throughout the Group for each step in production.

All the details regarding the certifications of the production plants are available within the Integrated Report of Epta

Eurovent Certification

Bonnet Névé adheres to the voluntary European Eurovent program for the energy performance levels of refrigerated counters. Eurovent independently certifies the performance of the equipment in terms of air treatment, air conditioning and refrigeration based on shared European and international standards. The objective of the voluntary Eurovent certification is to strengthen client confidence through a common and independent platform for all manufacturers, which may help increase the integrity and accuracy of industrial appraisal: that's why an easy-to-read label was created to guide in the appraisal of the counter's energy performance levels.

Eurovent Certification Diploma