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Bonnet Névé refrigerated counters and waste reduction

Intermarché confirms its vocation to sustainability and chooses the Bonnet Névé refrigerated counters to furnish its store of Canedo in Portugal.
It is a virtuous approach awarded by the increasingly sensitive and attentive consumers.
The Customers recognise themselves in the positive values transmitted by the Chain.
They also prefer fresh, high quality, organic, km0 products and commit themselves to the reduction of food waste, making them feel like an active part of a positive change, for a greener future.


Food sustainability: Epta’s commitment

It is thanks to the sharing of a common philosophy that the long-standing partnership between the Chain and Epta International has strengthened itself with this project. Food sustainability is an all-round responsibility for both, and the refrigerated counters installed are tangible proof of this.

New refrigeration systems powered by R290 propane compliant with the Energy Label regulation. 

Epta International has replaced the preceding systems powered by a traditional refrigerant with best-in-class refrigerated counters within the scope of the new Energy Label regulation.
In detail, for the self-service departments, Epta proposed solutions that use R290 propane, a natural refrigerant with a minimal GWP.
The systems chosen are closed vertical refrigerated showcases in an incorporated unit Multifresh Plus and Multifreeze Plus of the MultiCity family for fresh and frozen packaged foods, and the open plug-in counters for loose fruit and vegetables. 

Refrigerated showcase: an ally for food preservation

Finally, the Bonnet Névé refrigerated showcases contribute to achieving the Intermarché goal of food sustainability.
The integration of cutting-edge technologies for a correct preservation of the products, joined with the aesthetic details to enhance the freshness of the items, transform these solutions into an “ally” in the fight against food waste. 



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