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Edeka Schneider chooses energy saving by entrusting itself to Epta and inaugurates one of the most efficient stores in Germany, with an exhibition area of 1500 m2. This has been achieved thanks to the refrigerated cabinets branded Bonnet Névé and Eurocryor, as well as the installation of an Eco2Middle refrigeration pack and the use of FTE technology.


The richness of the territory comes first

For the store manager Domink Steffen Schneider, the richness of the territory comes first, with a purchasing experience focused on regional quality. Situated in a picturesque position, next to a small vineyard, the store sets itself apart for the painting on the wall of the cash register area which depicts the magnificent castle of Hambach with its breathtaking view, highly appealing to consumers, and for the rich assortment of local traditional products.


Epta, a trusted partner

Edeka Schneider is guided once again by its trusted partner Epta. Thanks to its expertise, the Group satisfies the Retailer's every request, ensuring an elevated level of performance. The furnishings proposed feature:

  • SkyView Plus, the positive temperature vertical cabinet of Bonnet Névé in black, for a modern and refined look. The full-height doors, as well as guaranteeing a delightful temperature among the aisles, help to significantly reduce energy costs.
  • Bistrot of Eurocryor, designed to give visibility to the products of the butcher and fish departments. To preserve the freshness of the meat cuts, the Bistrot Meat model is equipped with Dynamic System technology, able to maintain humidity above 90% inside the cabinet.
  • Four Cosmos Perform islands of Bonnet Névé, for the sub-zero offer. The push-pull covers allow more clients to serve themselves at the same time, providing maximum comfort.


    To conclude, the FTE system (Full Transcritical Efficiency), which further strengthens the performance of the cabinets throughout the year, is also worthy of mention.


    A further advantage is telemonitoring, thanks to which Epta experts have the possibility of remotely accessing system function parameters, guaranteeing continuous and correct operation over time". concludes Schneider, once again satisfied with the collaboration. 

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