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Epta and Continente Bom Dia: sustainable elegance for the refrigerated cabinet

​Today, for Epta International, the refrigerated cabinet must merge elegance and performance, maintaining an elevated level of environmental awareness.

It is precisely the concept of sustainability that lies at the centre of the collaboration between Epta International and Continente Bom Dia.

For the opening of the new Gouveia store, Epta International provided Continente with refrigerated cabinets able to enhance the products on show, tangibly supporting the reduction of food consumption and waste. ​

Bonnet Névé refrigerated cabinets

Epta International offered the Portuguese supermarket chain refrigerated cabinets branded Bonnet Névé, which fully embody the values at the heart of the brand.

The models chosen include the vertical incorporated unit cabinets for fresh and frozen packaged foods, Multifresh Plus and Multifreeze Plus of the MultiCity family.

The promotional plug-in Captur island for frozen products on promotion and the semivertical plug-in Drift refrigerated cabinet in the Open version, ideal for fresh packaged products and for complementary dry items displayed on the roof, also stand out.

Refrigerated cabinets: between performance and sustainability

The advantages of an innovative and performing refrigerated cabinet are numerous:

  • high technical standards to guarantee perfect food preservation, a longer shelf life and consequently reduction of food waste.
  • higher efficiency, confirmed by the refrigerated display cases of the MultiCity, Multifresh Plus and MultiFreeze Plus range which, in the best configuration, reach class B of the European Energy Labeling regulation.
  • elevated sustainability thanks to the choice of R290 propane as natural refrigerant and by the minimal GWP (Global Warming Potential).


The refrigerated cabinet as a design element

Not to be overlooked, is also the appealing presentation of the products, displayed inside the display cases designed down to the finest details.

The refrigerated cabinet is now a principal element of instore design. And the refrigerated cabinets for supermarkets must highlight the large assortment of items, enhancing the products.

In this way, the Bonnet Névé refrigerated cabinets for Continente Bom Dia boast aesthetics cared for in every detail, elegant and minimalist, for an excellent overview of all the products. ​

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