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Monop’ chooses Epta to satisfy new purchasing trends

In a market where neighbourhood stores are becoming increasingly important, it is essential for brands to renew themselves, relying on quality, services and experientiality.

This is also the idea behind the new Monop’ store on Place Dupleix in Paris (15th arrondissement), in association with Epta France.

Neighbourhood stores: a new demand in the city

The store, of 275 m², aspires to respond to the shopping modes in large cities. In designing the fresh and frozen area, the team of Monop’ designers relied once again on Epta France.

Bonnet Névé and space optimisation

The Epta France team conducted a detailed study on the requests of Monop’ and a needs analysis of future customers. This evaluation was followed by a proposal of Bonnet Névé refrigerated counters, specifically:

  • Vertical refrigerated counters SkyView Integral, with doors, of the SkyEffect family for the packaged fresh food area.
  • Vertical integral refrigerated counters Multifreeze, with doors, of the MultiCity family, for the frozen food area.
  • Closed vertical plug-in refrigerated counter MultiWine, of the MultiCity family to display wines, positioned behind the cash registers.

The added value which the client recognised in Epta France is excellence in service, sustainability and reliability of solutions and speed of installation.

The ideas and analyses conducted by the Epta France team proved essential for the store’s success. These included the choice to furnish the store with only integral counters dictated by design needs.

These solutions merge the aesthetics of remote counters and the flexibility of plug-ins. They prove ideal in this specific case, considering the reduced space and shortage of a technical room in which to install a power plant.

Epta France also recommended refrigerated counters SkyView with seven shelves. The goal is to increase the number of products on display and respond to the requests of the retailer to make best use of the space and increase display surface.

For the frozen product area, Epta France proposed MultiFreeze, an integral counter with smaller dimensions than the SkyEffect range, well suited to the needs of Monop’ customers. They choose this store specifically for its vast offer of fresh foods and request an essential assortment of frozen products.

To confirm the attention to the technical aspects, the proposal of the counters is based on the calculations made by the Trade Marketing team of the Epta site of Hendaye. The purpose is to provide the client with numerous data for the success of the project.

These feature the energy class of the refrigerated counters, to guarantee best energy saving and sustainability. The solutions provided, namely SkyView and MultiWine, respectively achieve energy-efficiency Class B and Class C.

Energy saving and sustainability

The balance of heat emitted by the cabinets was also carried out, crucial to create the most appropriate air conditioning for the premises.

Furthermore, the Epta France team carried out measurements on the silence of the solutions provided, demonstrating that they emit only 51 dB. An important confirmation of the fact that it is a perfect solution for the city environment.

The client particularly appreciated the extreme speed of installation of the solutions chosen, which was completed in just two days. Another factor that made a faster store opening possible, ensuring both reduced worksite costs and increased sales volume.

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