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​The Australian independent market chain IGA entrusts itself once again to the professionalism of the Epta Group and its long-standing distributor AJ Baker & Sons to furnish its independent store IGA Tucker Fresh in the new Iluka Plaza shopping centre of Iluka, in Western Australia: a 740m²-store focused on maximum efficiency and sustainability, also achieved thanks to the Bonnet Névé branded solutions. 

IGA Tucker Fresh actively commits itself with initiatives in favour of the community and fair trade campaigns towards local producers and suppliers. The goal of the Retailer is to promote local products, guaranteeing freshness, high quality and fair price, inside a store with a low environmental impact. A challenge won by AJ Baker & Sons, which has steered the client to the Bonnet Névé chilled cabinets able to merge performance, aesthetics and reduced energy consumption. Worthy of note is also the choice of the CO2 ECO2Small pack with the ETE Extreme Temperature Efficiency subcooler: a patented technology that ensures 100% cooling capacity even at high temperatures, significant energy saving and guarantee of reliability through correct operation of the plant. The strong point of ETE is also the choice of standard components, easy to find, to ensure not only easy installation but also greater efficiency in the start-up and maintenance phases. 

The coordinated aesthetics of the solutions of the SkyEffect Bonnet Névé range gives the store an elegant and tidy character and contributes to highlighting the freshness of the products. AJ Baker & Sons suggested the semivertical SkyLook​ cabinets in a back-to-back arrangement for the presentation, on one side, of loose vegetables and products of the fourth and fifth range and, on the other, cuts of meat, to offer gourmet pairings and guide the customer in the composition of a complete dish. In addition, the display of complementary condiments such as sauces and dressings on the top of the cabinet encourages cross-merchandising

The SkyView Plus vertical cabinets, available both in the open version and with full height doors, prove the ideal choice with the elevated transparency to complete the fresh department with cheeses, dairy products and fresh pasta. Furthermore, thanks to the design consistent with the other chilled cabinets of the SkyEffect range, the vertical low temperature cabinets SkyLight​ offer the best display of frozen products such as desserts, ready-made dishes and ice-cream. 

The installation is completed by the traditional chilled cabinets Shape with Design aesthetic​ of the Mozaïk range for the deli corner. Following the rounded shape of the suspended ceiling, they give the area an original touch that captures the attention of the consumer towards ready-made dishes and the specialties for take away. Another distinctive feature of the area is the integration of self-service and serve-over cabinets, thanks to the combination of modules other than Shape, able to respond to the needs of consumers who prefer convenience shopping and those who love to be recommended by expert staff.

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