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Epta International furnishes the food-court of the new Luxembourg store in Place Guillaume II with chilled cabinets of a modern design, for a citizen-friendly purchasing experience and a special attention to efficiency and sustainability.

Giving form to a new interpretation of daily live, whilst ensuring an unrivalled shopping experience: this is the goal of Monoprix that is opening a store of three floors and 2500 m2 in the centre of the Luxembourg capital. The food area is characterised by entirely self-service aisles, where the solutions of the SkyEffect Bonnet Névé family have proved ideal. Thanks to their versatility, they position themselves harmoniously into the architectural space of the supermarket, creating an environment of great display consistency.

With their clean and elegant lines, made unique with the materials of the Finishing Collection  in brushed stainless steel, the chilled cabinets of the SkyEffect range succeed in capturing the urban soul of the Monoprix project and developing evocative routes. The semivertical open SkyLook and closed SkySpace with straight and inclined doors are arranged back-to-back and with end of island cabinets, to create islands that contribute to enhancing the beverages and fresh packaged products. Furthermore, the frozen products are highlighted by negative vertical cabinets SkyLight, which, thanks to the elevated transparency, ensure perfect visibility of the rich offer, inviting the customer to discover the variety of the products offered by Monoprix. Finally, the vertical cabinets for fresh products SkyView make the purchasing experience in the store similar to a walk through the city among the shops of the centre, thanks to their frameless doors that transform the cabinets into true shop windows.

For Epta, aesthetics always merges with maximum respect for the environment. Therefore, Epta International suggested that Monoprix use solutions that boast LED lights and the use of CO2 as natural refrigerant, with a minimum GWP. Quality, reduction of the carbon footprint and a quick response to every request are the key factors of the long-standing collaboration between Epta International and Monoprix, is renewed once again in the sign of excellence. ​



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