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Epta Anti-bacterial Treatment

Epta Anti-bacterial Treatment

Bonnet Névé submits the new Anti-Bacterial Treatment, which is the innovative antibacterial treatment for traditional cabinets with silver ions, which improve the quality and the healthfulness of products: it prevents combats and eliminates more than 650 bacteria, including the best-know and the most dangerous.

The efficiency of this treatment was tested by “Veneto Agricoltura Association” and by the Epta laboratories by industrial Japanese standard JIS Z 2801-2000: “Antibacterial Product- Measurement and Efficiency of antibacterial activity”.  

The new Epta technology “Anti-bacterial Treatment” is available for all the Maxima Modular range of Bonnet Névé.The chest is created mixing ion components, while inside are treated with an ionised paint. In this way, the cold ail, enriched with ions, perform a continuous antibacterial action as it passes over the food. The combination of these two treatments greatly reduces the bio burden dispersed in the air and a better quality of the air in direct contact with food.

The treatment activity lasts a long time, 24 hours on 24, seven days, without the need to be regenerated during the lifecycle of the cabinet.