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Epta, with its sub-brand EptaTecnica, is pure efficiency thanks to its approach to natural refrigeration. The Group promotes the use of CO2 through the development of advanced technologies such as ETE (Extreme Temperature Efficiency), designed to make its use highly performing in any climate condition.


CO2 on the rise

According to a study published by ATMOsphere, the refrigeration world highlights an ever greater request for low GWP solutions, to comply with international regulations such as the F-Gas regulation. This growth is driven by Europe, were the use of CO2 stands out. The data shows 55,000 CO2 transcritical stores in the Continent in September 2022, equal to 18.4% of the food retail market. A milestone with large numbers, possible thanks to new generation components, realised to make the fluid effective even in hotter climates.


With ETE, efficiency above 40°C

Epta, innovative by vocation, encourages the installation of CO2 transcritical systems, even in climate zones that reach temperatures above 40°C, thanks to ETE technology, a parallel compression system, designed to overcome the limits of the refrigerant. The solution, composed by a sub-cooling unit inserted into the refrigeration circuit, reduces the CO2 temperature coming out from the gas cooler before its distribution, ensuring 100% refrigeration capacity in any Country.


ETE also allows the almost total disappearance of “flash-gas”, in favour of a correct operation of the system and significant energy saving. For even higher performance, ETE can be combined with FTE 2.0 (Full Transcritical Efficiency), in favour of an annual reduction of energy consumption (if compared with traditional CO2 systems) of between 15% and 23%.


XTE, for Extra efficiency

The sustainable innovation of Epta continues with XTE (Extra Transcritical Efficiency), a patent pending system able to ensure Extra efficiency throughout the year, in every climate condition. A concept of advanced technology, equipped with the energy recovery device PX G1300™ of Energy Recovery® - a Californian company specialised in the creation of technologies for the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial systems- designed to further strengthen the advantages of ETE.


XTE, in addition to reducing the peaks of consumption during hot months, for a saving of more than 30% above +40°C (compared to a traditional transcritical system), guarantees a significant benefit even in mild and cold months, going into operation from +10°C.


Innovative solutions which show the commitment of Epta towards sustainable and highly performing refrigeration which promotes a responsible evolution of the entire sector.