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Oscar for the first all-CO2 Carrefour Market

Oscar for the first all-CO2 Carrefour Market

Leading actors: Bonnet Névé and CEF Nord.

At last, the age of transcritical CO2 arrives in France with the first supermarket of Beaurrain Les Arras, inaugurated on November 14th, 2011. An eco-friendly store where the cold chain has played a part of vital importance, starring leading actors Bonnet Névé and installation company CEF Nord.

Leading light of the installation was the Eptagreen compressor pack, powered by transcritical CO2 at positive and negative temperatures, custom-designed for Carrefour.  

Reduced carbon footprint, efficiency and a better consumer experience for clients, thanks to visual merchandising carefully planned studied down to the smallest detail by Bonnet Névé.

Eco-smart solutions for energy saving, too - the units chosen have transparent doors and covers, double-glazed for energy savings of over 50%.

The real Oscar goes to the excellent collaboration with CEF Nord in carrying out this pilot project – without doubt, a model for the future.