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SkyView Integral Waterloop, the self-contained solution with an unmistakable style

SkyView Integral Waterloop, the self-contained solution with an unmistakable style

Combine cutting-edge design, panoramic visibility, generous load capacity and energy performance that characterise the range of remote cabinets of the SkyEffect family, with the experience of Epta in waterloop technology: this was the challenge overcome by the Group in designing the new release of the chilled vertical cabinet for the fresh food sector, SkyView Integral Waterloop.

SkyView Integral Waterloop is designed to respond to Retailers’ demands for greater display flexibility, in search of solutions for small and medium formats. What makes this refrigerated package truly unique is the waterloop system designed by Epta, which turns it into a self-contained cabinet and therefore suitable for stores without a plant room. The waterloop system, completely integrated and preassembled in the refrigerated cabinet also ensures simplified installation, reduction in the complexity of the systems andlimitation of energy consumption.

Utmost respect for the environment is achieved through the ease of integration with the heat recovery systems of the store, as well as through the choice of the natural refrigerant propane R290 and of the new generation “Fix” compressor.

To finish, worthy of note are also the technical features adopted to make the cabinet a valid alternative to the traditional remote solutions: designed to adapt to the supermarket aisles of stores of a reduced size, it is available in lengths with two, three four and six doors in two depths, Narrow and Compact, and available as a head cabinet with three doors, guaranteeing the widest choice in store layout.