Integral Retail Plug-in / MultiCity

MultiFreeze Bio

Integral Retail Plug-in / MultiCity

MultiFreeze Bio

​Multifreeze Bio is the new cabinet of the MultiCity family that represents the ideal solution to display and present organic and natural frozen products. Thanks to the eco-friendly technological solutions and to the fine aesthetic finishes, it becomes, together with ​Multifresh Bio, an excellent promotional tool in line with stores dedicated to bio-foods and organic foods.

Sezione Valzee_Bio.jpg

Sezione Valzee_Bio.jpg

Frozen food and ice cream.jpg

Frozen Food and Ice cream

High efficiency fans.jpg

High efficiency fans

Hot gas defrosting.jpg

Hot-gas defrosting system

Incorporated condensing unit.jpg

Incorporated condensing unit

Led lighting.jpg

LED lighting

Propane refrigerant gas (R290).jpg

Propane refrigerant gas (R290)