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​Innovation plays a starring role once again in Australia thanks to Epta and AJ Baker & Sons, which have proposed EPTABlue Natural with water condensation and CO2 compressor for a 1000m² store in Melbourne. The leasehold store was originally opened 12 years ago and belongs to an international retailer. It is located in a multi-storey high-rise building in the middle of Melbourne CBD with very limited space for a traditionally refrigeration system.

The challenge for a full refrigeration refurbishment was to find a system able to respond to the Client’s need for a self-contained solution, equipped with a small machine room, without having to compromise in terms of performance, efficiency or sustainability.

100% natural, EPTABlue Natural is the ideal waterloop system to meet these needs, which has reduced the complexity of installing the refrigeration systems whilst limiting energy consumption and noise level. With EPTABlue Natural, the 40m run of Bonnet Névé’s Valea-Strateo   chilled open vertical cabinets are equipped with their own on-board refrigeration unit that transforms them from remote cabinets to integral cabinets, thanks to a waterloop.

The system is designed to allow for flexibility, therefore in the future the store will be able to accommodate upto 60m of vertical cabinets, which could not have been done using a traditional system due to lack of space in the machine room.

The cabinets with EPTABlue Natural also have variable speed CO2 compressors that modify the refrigerating capacity distributed to the load of the refrigerated unit  to adjust to external conditions: number of customers in the store, day/night and seasons alternation, to guarantee maximum respect for the environment.

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