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​Intermarché relies on Epta France for the new project of the Intermarché Express of Issy-Les-Moulinex in Île-de-France that involved the renovation and expansion of the store. The work was carried out in record time, to allow the re-opening within fifteen days.​

The proximity store is found in a very dynamic urban area, characterised by a high flow of workers and dwellers: for this reason, Epta, together with the customer, designed an ad hoc layout able to offer the best service for both a quick lunch break and residents' daily shopping.

Tidiness and convenience distinguish this Intermarché Express: at the entrance of the supermarket, there is the snacking area where the new semi-vertical SkySpace chilled cabinets by Bonnet Névé stand out for complete presentation of all the products to put together a fast meal, from ready dishes, to salads and sandwiches, to frozen pastries inside the vertical SkyLight by Bonnet Névé. Worthy of note is also the butchery area, where the transparent cascading shelves of the TwinMidi islands of Eurocryor with elegant wood finishes enhance the freshness and quality of the cuts. There is no shortage in the complementary offer of pre-packaged branded articles in the vertical cabinets SkyView Plus and SkyView Plus Urban for fresh products, dedicated to cured meat and dairy. The Gemini islands by Eurocryor enrich the charcuterie area with the display of cheese specialties packaged by Intermarché. All the ingredients for the preparation of a homemade meal are “found within reach": the meat and fish self-service areas mirror the fruit and vegetable department, to make the purchasing experience more functional.


To enhance the surfaces of the 999-m² store at their best, Epta has offered dedicated solutions, able to optimise the space available while guaranteeing maximum product visibility. An example is the SkyView Plus Urban by Bonnet Névé for fresh products that, thanks to the glass closures of just 41 cm, ensure numerous advantages, including more space in the aisles and higher ergonomics for the consumer, thanks to the lighter doors.

The installation is completed by La Cave for wine and beer. The vertical self-contained cabinets MultiTiny Plus by Bonnet Névé were inserted here. Thanks to their reduced depth and length, they integrate perfectly with the shelves of dry products and allow to present a larger product variety, stimulating impulse buying.


Finally, Epta has carried out the reconditioning and restyling of different chilled cabinets, such as those of the fruit and vegetable department, modernising the aesthetics and prolonging their lifecycle according to the principles of the Circular Economy. 


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