Retail Plug-in / Hard Discount

Sound BT

Retail Plug-in / Hard Discount

Sound BT

​Plug-in refrigerated well cabinet powered by propane refrigerant gas (R290), dedicated to the presentation and preservation of frozen products.

Sturdy and spacious, it finds its best use in the Hard Discount environment, but also in medium and large stores.

The availability of head cabinets, with a particularly elegant design, allows considerable layout flexibility.

  • Temperature: LT
  • Class: 3L1
  • Cabinet type: Plug-in
Frozen food and ice cream.jpg

Frozen Food and Ice cream



Incorporated condensing unit.jpg

Incorporated condensing unit

Propane refrigerant gas (R290).jpg

Propane refrigerant gas (R290)

Manual defrost.jpg

Manual defrost