FTE 2.0

FTE 2.0

Simple, Global, Industrialised and Reliable: these are the characteristics of the CO2 FTE 2.0 transcritical system, patent pending in Italy and Australia. A preview is presented at Euroshop: this system matches simplicity and performance, with a tested 10% energy savings (compared with traditional CO2 systems) with installation and maintenance costs that are 20% lower.

How does the system works and how are the novelties of FTE 2.0?
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The first attribute is the use of flooded evaporators, which leads to a significant reduction of the difference between fluid evaporating temperature and display cabinet temperatures (the evaporation temperature is increased) and thus a reduction in energy consumption. This is a simple solution, because only a multilevel liquid receiver - the real heart of the innovation - has been added to a traditional system. It is a revolutionary solution which has been factory-tested and tested in a live environment and is available on a large scale: in fact it guarantees utmost reliability, practicality and efficiency for retailers worldwide, thanks to its outstanding performance standards in any climate. The system also reduces the discharge temperature of the compressors, ensuring the best performance even at high temperatures, and reliable lubrication. This is crucial for promoting proper and ongoing operation through time, and ensuring the part itself has a longer lifecycle.

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