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EptaConcept fits out the Auchan Gourmand Prado in Marseille situated in the   Prado-Klépierre shopping centre, opposite the Vélodrome stadium. A “good food market" of new design, where the concept lies in mixing the offer of products for daily shopping with a large assortment which also meets the most demanding palates. The quality is guaranteed by professionals who serve the Customers inside the dedicated corners, fitted out by EptaConcept.

The Epta team, to encourage the meeting and the exchange between producers of fresh food and consumers, have created ad hoc areas where the master artisans present their specialities. The Eurocryor Bistrot cabinets, personalised down to the smallest detail and made unique with finishes in marble and light wood, stand out in the Butcher section. EptaConcept also supplied the rear cabinets in stainless steel to help the activities of workers; these areas have an ergonomic fully equipped worktop to ensure that the tools are always close at hand. The customer-staff relationship is further encouraged by the display stands separated by wood shelving, allowing the butcher to show off his art, preparing the cuts right in front of the shopper's eyes.

The Gastronomy section is also worthy of note, which features Bistrot with glass mosaic. It presents a vast range of ready to eat specialities for those with little time to cook, but don't want to sacrifice the pleasures of good food. The Cheese and the Fresh Cut corner dedicated to cut fruit and vegetables stand out, where the star is Gemini, the semivertical Eurocryor cabinet that offers cascading shelves and the possibility to increase cross merchandising and impulse buying by positioning complementary products, such as the wines, on the top section.


To guarantee a complete offer, Epta proposed solutions with the SkyEffect family from Bonnet Névé, the closed chilled vertical SkyView Plus, the frozen SkyLight Plus and the semivertical Aeria Plus Open for fresh products in the self-service area. This range ensures a coordinated fit-out thanks to eye-catching cabinets in terms of layout and able to ensure both maximum visibility of the products and an elevated display ratio, for a higher turnover. The fit-out is completed by MultiFresh of Bonnet Névé, a plug-in cabinet that has proven to be the ideal choice for the rich selection of wines, stored at the right temperature.

The collaboration between the EptaConcept team and the architectural firm used by the client was fundamental for transforming the Auchan Gourmand Prado of Marseille into an experimental lab to enhance the fresh products, thanks to outstanding presentations and privileged spaces of contact between the producers and the public.









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