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Timeless appeal for the Maini butcher shop, thanks to Epta solutions

​Tradition and innovation are the themes which inspired Epta group in restyling Maini's historical butcher shop which, for over ninety years, has been a gold standard for high quality fresh and cured meat. The shop is located in the main square of Pianello Val Tidone, in the shadow of the imposing fortress which once belonged to the Dal Verme Counts. It has been in the same family for three generations and it is as passionate as ever in offering its clients 100% natural, 0-mileage products.

The challenge won by Epta, thanks to its brand’s solutions, was to harmonize the “ancient heart” of the shop with technologically advanced systems able to preserve the freshness and authentic flavour of the high-quality products, while strengthening the appeal to consumers.

In the store, the traditional Eurocryor Bistrot cabinet and the elegant Torre module stand out; merging straight glass of unparalleled transparency and a linear design enhanced by finishes in light wood, they are a bridge between past and present. ”Guardians of ancient memories and of artisan tradition” which, thanks to the exclusive Dynamic System Eurocryor technology, ensure optimal meat preservation. Thanks to this system, the products can remain inside the cabinet for several days, without being placed into cold rooms at night, keeping their sensory and aesthetic characteristics intact.

The Maini butcher shop also features the negative temperature Multifreeze Bonnet Névé plug-in: a marriage of style and cutting-edge technical performance, designed to perfectly integrate within the interior of small  spaces. The key advantage of the solution is the elevated capacity, which makes it ideal for the presentation of frozen products that are becoming increasingly popular as small neighbourhood shops enhance their product offering.

The Misa cold rooms, of course, are also present, positioned in the workshop next to the shop. Equipped with the FCM-compliant Epta Food Defence antibacterial treatment with silver ions, they guarantee the food safety of all the stored products, providing total and permanent protection for its entire service life.

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