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Bonnet Névé: sustainable refrigeration for greengrocers

Bonnet Névé: sustainable refrigeration for greengrocers

Good, ethical and sustainable food guides the evolution of the greengrocer sector.

The contribution of companies operating in the commercial refrigeration sector, such as Epta, is of crucial importance.

The increasing attention to quality merges with an awareness on the themes related to respect for the environment in its broadest sense.

An anti-food waste refrigeration system

In recent years, the connection between health and food has reinforced itself in Consumers’ minds. It is no longer a good intention and stands as one of the decision-making factors in the purchase phase.

It is fundamental for Retailers to tell and enhance the offer also through the choice of state-of-the-art refrigerated display cases. They ensure perfect visibility of the food and its correct storage, to increase freshness, stimulate purchases and reduce food waste.

Customers show greater appreciation for articles from a certified supply chain, organic, seasonal and 0-mileage products. The greater attention to local foods, legacy of 2020, also relates to a desire for solidarity to support the local economy.

Vertical refrigerated displays: an efficient and practical solution

The depth of range is widened, the assortments are diversified and, consequently, the layout of the greengrocer departments evolve. More frequently, both refrigerated and non-refrigerated islands stand alongside positive vertical refrigerated display cases and traditional non-refrigerated displays. This trend comes from the desire to arrange the references by product type and respond to the request of the Customers to make rapid comparisons.

Focus, for example, is put on packaged products, namely the fourth and fifth range. These articles are highly appreciated on one side because they allow to speed up the purchase and, on the other, because they simplify dishes preparation in the kitchen, made with healthy products.

Among the Bonnet Névé branded Epta solutions for the greengrocer department stand out the positive vertical refrigerated display cases SkyView Plus of the SkyEffect family, in the Closed and Open version for articles of private brands and for articles packaged in-store.

The range also features the semi-vertical refrigerated counter with hinged or sliding doors SkySpace, dedicated to the same articles. These refrigerated display cases also respond to the current trend oriented towards ever greater sustainability.

Indeed, they are best in class under the Energy Label regulation and use CO2 as natural refrigerant, confirming their reduced carbon footprint.

Display case: greengrocer protagonist with SkyView Season

Another crucial factor in defining the new layout of the department is the desire of Consumers to prefer “packaging-free products to minimise environmental impact and emissions.

In this regard, Bonnet Névé proposes the special scenic Season set-up of refrigerated display cases Skyview. This model, designed for an even more impressive presentation of loose fruit and vegetables, is proposed in the Value version to position the first fruits in crates and Advance to arrange them on shelves in a half-moon shape.

Epta for sustainability

The trends which will guide Retailers and Epta in responding to the demands of food lovers for a more conscious consumption focus on protecting the resources of the planet and cutting down on food waste, without sacrificing the goodness of the products.