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E.Leclerc, one of the most important French supermarket chains, chooses the refrigerated cabinets of the Epta Group brand Bonnet Névé and entrusts itself to the experience of the planners and designers of EptaConcept to renovate and furnish its new store of Wintzenheim-Logelbach in France. An original project, which has resulted in a store of approximately 8,500m² inside a former spinning mill of the 20th century: a unique exhibition space, which enhances the architectural style of the building harmoniously integrating it with highly modern furnishing elements.

A concept designed in detail to foster the loyalty of customers who are increasingly geared towards local and healthy products. This strategic choice is reflected in the proposal of a varied range of high quality fresh products that enhance the tastes connected with typical local produce, organic produce and ready foods cooked on site by professional chefs. In this setting, the solutions by Bonnet Névé play a decisive role in shaping an exclusive and tailored fresh product area able to ensure best product visibility.

It has proven essential to choose the traditional refrigerated cabinet Shape by Bonnet Névé, emblem of the ability of Epta to respond to the need for customisation expressed by the Retailer, though remaining within the scope of large-scale solutions. Shape is characterised by a rich palette of finishes, called Finishing Collection and by numerous options available in the catalogue. In the store of Wintzenheim, an island configuration was preferred for the deli, bakery and pastry areas, with Design aesthetic and fronts in light wood and opaque white, which perfectly match the industrial soul of the hypermarket.

The service provided by the team of EptaConcept experts has also proven decisive. They studied different techniques to enhance the ergonomics of the refrigerated display cabinets and product visibility. In particular, all the cabinets have been raised by approximately 10–12cm from the ground, so that the display level would be at eye level, while the glass part redesigned in a version more compact than normal, to give an unobstructed view of all the goods. The pastry and bakery area is characterised by a single space, which can also be used as a snack area. Here, the display of cakes and mignon pastries at the correct temperature merges with the presentation of baked products, thanks to Shape Bonnet Névé and a module for the cash register, result of the ingenuity of EptaConcept. The EptaConcept team has also made it possible to create shelves for dry products of ad hoc dimensions to use as head cabinets. This technical stratagem makes it possible to use this space to place complementary articles, thereby boosting the opportunities of cross merchandising, for example between cheese and red wine. A further distinctive element of the store.

The “bar à crudités", furnished with the self-service refrigerated display cabinet Shape with internal stainless steel structures, is the brainchild of EptaConcept. This area has been designed to satisfy the most sophisticated palates through the offer of imaginative plateaus of fruit, fruit salads, olive mixes and seasonal salads.

The fit-out is completed by the vertical refrigerated cabinets SkyView Plus Closed with a high level of transparency for the self-service areas of fresh packaged products and the refrigerated cabinet for frozen goods Cosmos Eco4, with its white structure and details highlighted in anthracite grey, both signed Bonnet Névé. Finally, the horizontal refrigerated cabinets Duo​ Max by Bonnet Névé for packaged fish and the innovative Impact by Eurocryor, dedicated to the complementary presentation of sushi and Asian preparations, together shape the fish area.

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